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We've picked some of our favorite things and arranged them in categories, but by no means is this a comprehensive list. Each collage is a category with three items in different price ranges. Price ranges (unless otherwise noted) are in this order: Under $20, Under $50, and Over $50.

2019 Her Collage
For the ladies under $20 gift, we all love the Sugarboo Makeup Bags with quotes from some folks you may have heard of. 😉By itself, it's a fun gift. Pair it with a piece of jewelry or candle to kick it up a notch. Bundle it with a sleep mask and bath bomb to add a wow factor!
We also love with our new sock line, World's Softest Socks! From this line, we chose knit scarf or toboggan. Either is under $50! Pair them with the matching knee socks to still have a gift under $50. They don't call them world's softest for nothing!
For our over $50 gift, we chose a Glenda Gie's Handbag. This one happens to be my favorite fabric, but they're all gorgeous!! These bags are very functional. They're made from one-of-a-kind, vintage fabric which gives them an old Hollywood glam feel. You won't find one of these beauties at the mall. 👛
2019 Him Collage
For our guy's, we can't tell you enough about our Duke Cannon line of personal care for men! Everything in the line is less than $20, so that gives you tons of options. All the products are tested by active duty military. If they don't like it, it doesn't get made. I'd say that's a pretty good seal of approval! You can bundle a few items together or add a toiletry bag to make a really nice gift. Or pick and choose for some nice stocking stuffers.
If your list has a guy that loves to cook or grill (yay for you!!), our under $50 pick is a Mona B BBQ Apron. They're made from upcycled military truck tarps and tents with touches of canvas and leather, so very manly. We've got a couple of different designs and probably even have a matching koozie or two. He'll love this!
If you have a traveler or adventurer on your list, our over $50 gift for guys is a rugged Mona B Duffle Bag. Like the apron above, these duffles are made with upcycled military tarps and tents with leather accents and metal hardware. If you're guy made the nice list, we also have matching toiletry kits! 🎅
2019 Littles Collage
We have lots of favorite items for little ones so it was really hard to choose just three.
We love the idea of teaching kids early on about saving and taking care of things. Our pick for a gift under $20 is this adorable Piggy Bank. We have this one, but also have a solid white and a solid pink. Do you think we love piggy banks?!? 😂 An extra special idea would be to add their first money in it.
Our pick for under $50 makes the list again this year! Must be good, right?!? We love Baby Cie Melamine Dishes. You have to bundle a few pieces together to get to $50, but what a sweet gift. We have our favorite patterns in the "first dishes" category, but we've also added some adorable tv trays for the older littles. We have lots of designs for boys and girls!
An extra special gift over $50 is a Zestt Organic Cotton Boxed Set. It is destined to become a family heirloom. This gorgeous wooden box contains a handknit blanket and matching knit cap. They are super soft and trust me, feeling is believing. If you really want to take it over the top, there's also a little knit bear that coordinates with one of the sets. Precious!
2019 Cook Collage
This is my fav category! I love to cook, so I'm always looking for great tools for my kitchen.
We had to put a lot in our under $20 photo because we have too much to limit it to one thing. I will say the bowl holding everything is $27.95, so it doesn't count in this price range (but still a nice gift). In our photo, we included Recipe Cards. All cooks have special recipes that they keep near and dear to their kitchens. Include one of your favorite recipes for a personal touch. We also have a great selection of Dish Towels. We love bundling these with one of our gourmet products for a thoughtful hostess gift! The other item we have in the Carved Wood Bowl is a set of Hand Carved Tossing/Serving Forks for tossing and serving salad or pasta. I love when something is functional and pretty! These are that!
I love, love, love a great Cutting Board! We have several to choose for an under $50 gift (well, the really big one is $54.95). These boards of course do the expected, but we are crazy about serving meat or appetizers on them and creating fun charcuterie boards. A great board is the new entertaining must have! A set of cheese knives pairs very nicely.
Our pick for an over $50 gift is my personal pick! It's our Marble Top Island! I have this in my kitchen and LOVE it!! The base is reclaimed pine with 7 drawers (4 on one side and 3 on the other), 4 slots for wine bottles (well, I guess you could put some other kind of bottle in there too 💁‍♀️), a larger cubby, and a board the width of the top that pulls out for additional workspace. It also has a bottom shelf that's perfect for large serving pieces or baskets. The marble top is perfect for you pastry chefs! You might just need this piece before Thanksgiving...
2019 Artsy Collage
These gifts for you artsy folks are in no particular price range.
True South Puzzles are a favorite! They're made in Nashville and feature maps and landmarks throughout the US - mostly in the south. It's always fun to have a puzzle going somewhere away from the kitchen during the holidays. We have lots of different ones in stock.
The best gift for the DIYer on your list is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. You knew I couldn't leave this out! We have kits that include paint, wax and all the tools they need to complete a project. We give you everything except the paint so they can come pick their own color! Throw in one of Annie's great books for a true DIYer dream gift!
We have several journals for the writers on your list. This leather top-bound Sugarboo Journal is my personal favorite. I love a journal that's bound at the top. It makes it good for right or left-handers. Writers will love this one!
2019 Scent Collage

We have candles, incense, and room sprays for the scent lovers on your list! Whether it's an everyday scent or seasonal, we have lots to pick from! Don't forget to add some cute matches!

2019 Mixologist Collage
If you have a cocktail fan on your list, we have some fun gifts for under $20!
What drink aficionado doesn't need a good Cocktail Napkin? We have some fun ones in stock for less than $10. Great hostess gift - especially paired with our Stainless Steel Cocktail Straws, which are less than $15.
Another good cocktail gift is a Bottle Opener! We have several styles in stock, but love these deer! This also makes a great guy gift and stocking stuffer!
If your mixologist makes great margaritas (like mine), they'll love our Margarita Making Kit! It has a reamer, a shot glass, and tongs (because you need to carefully drop that ice in so you don't lose all your salt 😉). All this for less than $20 and it comes in a cool, cardboard box with a margarita recipe. Bundle it with your fav margarita ingredients for a great housewarming or stock the bar gift.
2019 Gourmet Collage
Because you need something to go with those cocktails. 😂Seriously, these are items you can give, but are awesome to have on hand for unexpected guests.
I can't say enough about the yumminess of all the Captain Rodney's products! Their line of goodness includes pepper glazes, sauces, and jellies, bbq sauces, seasonings, and pretty amazing cheese straws with bacon! The top tailgating recipe in the SEC uses their Boucan Glaze. No worries, the recipe comes attached to the bottle. You can make that recipe if you have some time, but in a pinch, one of their pepper jellies spooned over cream cheese will make you very popular. For your fav foodie, bundle 2 or 3 of these products.
Hot Ruby. If you've been to one of our events, you'll know that's enough said. If you aren't familiar, it's a cranberry citrus mixer that's pretty tasty on its own. But, the possibilities are endless for what you can mix it with. You can make all kinds of adult beverages, but you can't go wrong with apple cider or ginger ale for the masses. Grab one of our wine bags or bottle tags to make it a really fun gift.
One of our favorite things - because it makes us look like amazing bakers and makes the house smell soooo good, is SoberDough Bread Mix. Their claim to fame is pour a beer in the mix, stir it up, bake it and get a loaf of bread - REALLY tasty bread! But, after making it for a few years now, I mix beer in the savory flavors and a hard cider in the sweet breads. If you don't do alcohol, the instructions give non-alcoholic options, so not a problem! Some of our favorite ways to bundle SoberDough is with a mixing bowl and bottle of beer or tea towel.
2019 Eco Conscious Collage
None of these gifts are over $50 individually, but we like this category so we wanted to mention a few things.
These Leather Wine Charms are a great gift and price point if you need to buy for a group - maybe your bunco friends, book club or supper club! Also, great if you need a fun gift under $10.
We all need to hydrate, but plastic is bad for the environment and who knows what stainless steel is leaching into our water. We do know is everything tastes better in glass. So this Glass Water Bottle is perfect! The fact that is has a (sustainable) bamboo lid is just a bonus! 😉Bundle a cute neoprene cover for an additional $5 and your total is still under $30.
When the girls pulled all these coffee items together, I heard lots of oohs and ahhs (they weren't at market when we ordered them). Included in this picture is a Reusable Coffee Bag that's washable and keeps your coffee fresh, a Coffee Scoop that clips on to the bag, and Stainless Steel Stir Sticks! The coffee lover on your list will love any of these!! If you want a slam dunk, bundle them all for just over $50. Don't forget your fav bag of coffee!

Don't forget about our Gift Certificates! They can be any denomination, used for merchandise or classes. Always the perfect gift!! ❤️

These are just a few of our favorite things. I really could go on and on! Since this is just the tip of the iceberg, I'll try to add more ideas in my newsletter each week. Also be sure to follow us on our social media (links below).
I do want to mention we can help pull together corporate gifts and we also do private classes. Give us a call or swing by and we can help you with your group!
I hope this gives you some good ideas! We love to help you pick out just the right gift and are always available to make suggestions when you're in the shop! Don't hesitate to ask.
If you see anything in this Gift Guide you want, just call us (256-270-7363) and you can buy over the phone.
Remember, we gift bag for no charge. And we never judge if you want to grab a gift or two for yourself. You deserve it! 😉 Hope to see you soon!