Date(s) - 03/25/2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Art & Soul

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We are thrilled to have Jacki Gil of Salt+Paperie join our Art & Soul team of instructors!  Jacki is an accomplished graphic artist and a lover of all things paper.  She’s also an experienced Hand Lettering instructor!
Wondering about the difference between Hand Lettering and Calligraphy?Writing in calligraphy involves using a dip pen with a nib and ink to create thick and thin lines using varying degrees of pressure, all in a single stroke. Downstrokes are thick, while upstrokes are kept thin, light and airy.  Calligraphy takes a certain discipline to learn, and is something one must practice consistently to create “muscle memory” of certain strokes.

Hand Lettering uses the sames principles of thick downstrokes and light upstrokes, but is written with a pen of some kind rather than a nib and ink. Sharpies, brush pens, and gel pens are often used to create hand lettering.

Like calligraphy, hand lettering also requires discipline. It’s a completely different form of discipline, as it is drawing letters as opposed to writing them, and is often very decorative. You also often have more control over the letters with hand lettering as opposed to calligraphy. For that reason especially, hand lettering can be a great alternative for projects that are too large for calligraphy, such as large chalkboards and other signage.

In this class, you will learn the basics and concepts of Hand Lettering, starting with the history of hand lettering, and begin to craft your own script letters.
We will supply all the tools and supplies you will need.  Jacki will teach you all about the tools and how to use them.  She will teach you the various strokes that make up letters and how to put them together to create words.  You will take home all your tools and supplies in a nice, stamped bag so you can continue practicing.

No previous experience required.
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Coffee and water are provided.  Feel free to bring other beverages if you like.
Space is limited.  Prepayment reserves your space.


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